Graeme A. Jones
Coldwell Banker Realty

Marblehead Harbor at the Landing 

             Marblehead Harbor | March 14, 2017



          Barnegat | Marblehead, MA | February 16, 2017


Castle Rock

               Castle Rock | Marblehead| New Year's 2017


Fisherman's Beach

        Pier at Fisherman's Beach | Swampscott, MA


      Snowy State Street 

               Snowy State Street | Marblehead  

   Old Town House

                         Old Town House |  Marblehead


Fort Sewall

                                 Summertime at Fort Sewall | Marblehead


Redd's Pond Regatta

                                 "Sailing" on Redd's Pond | Marblehead

Rifles at the Ready

                   Glover's Regiment Encampment | Fort Sewall | Marblehead


Chilly Day on the Water

                                   Grey Day | Marblehead Harbor