Ready or Not Here Comes Summer

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Wow! Memorial Day weekend!  The official start of a New England summer. I knew the calendar was going to turn but I wasn’t so sure about this weather. I see buds on the trees and if I am not mistaken, I heard a bird finally singing as song as opposed to unleashing a torrent of profanities.  For me, and probably many of you out there, it is my favorite and also most dreaded time of the year. It is finally time to be able to enjoy the outdoors and relaxing in the back yard. The scary part though is that after a harsh New England winter my yard is generally a nightmare. Between the elements and the squirrels my lawn, shrubs, plants and deck are ready for their close-ups on a back yard makeover show. The squirrels dig up every bulb we plant and the snow and wind deform all shrubs and bushes. What should be a glorious awakening is more akin to waking up in Vegas with a hangover, no wallet, a face tattoo and 37 missed calls from your wife.

As they say the night is always darkest before the dawn and here on the North Shore the sun is rising slowly but surely. For me, there are few places on Earth I would rather be at this time of year. Our sandy beaches and leafy trails are just starting to come alive and remind us that the best is yet to come. We are lucky to get to experience all four seasons around here. Albeit, some of those seasons are much longer and crueler than others. And while others l our summers never seem to last; they are just long enough to make us forget about shoveling for a few months. We have turned the corner and I, for one, am ready to embrace the warm sun and the freezing ocean waters of the North Shore- for at least the three weeks we get summer.